Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back to School

So what happens if your name is Jono and you have a bad crash? Well you go back to school.


-I am back at Uni for the summer
-I have to learn to walk again
-I have to learn to ride again
-I have to learn to endure a sore arse again

Yep, I am getting’ schooled.

Step 1-Learning to walk
Ouch. This is hard stuff. Six weeks of sweet (insert word) all stuck in a moon boot mean that my right foot is shrivelled, it is weak and it smells a bit too. My right foot sucks! Having had a whinge, it is great starting from square one because things get markedly better every day. It’s brilliant stuff. The hardest (and also funniest) thing I am doing at the moment is trying to balance on my right foot with my eyes closed, it is so much harder than it sounds. Armed with the knowledge and expertise from my VIS gym instructor Harry, and my physio Nat, I am hoping to be walking like a normal person soon enough.

Step 2-Learning to ride
This feels terrible. Firstly, riding the ergo during summer sucks. It sucks even more when it feels like there is no connection between my brain and my legs. I just want to pedal like I used to! It was so easy two months ago; that smooth fluid motion of muscles in synergy has been replaced by an awkward mess of knees brushing top tubes and heels hitting cranks. Being the virtue that I generally find myself poorly endowed with, patience is just going to have to come to the rescue before I go insane.

Step 3- The sore arse
Bepanthen. Google it. Next

What’s next?
-Walk more
-Ride more
-Sulk a little that I will probably miss Tour of Langkawi
-Suck it up and do some training and get back to enjoying riding while there is some summer left!
-Drink some more Ginger Beer brewed by this bloke right here

That’s all for now,


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  1. Jono, you are a star. I don't know many people as positive as you are. You'll come back even stronger, look out world! Take care, Lisa J