Monday, May 3, 2010

Picture time

Photos from Korea
 Hotel view: Beautiful Jeju Island. You can see the pre race presentation stage in the distance

 Stage 1, Roll out.

Leaving the neutral section, stage 1, uphill and into the wind and rain.

 Many hours post stage 1, plane transfer. Very over it by now, tired and grumpy for sure.

Brief moment on the front, stage 2

 Stage 3, pacing back on after a flat. Downhill, tunnel, fast, fun.

Stage 3, Out of tunnel, nice view!

 Jimmy, our mechanic, also a big fan of fresh Korean seafood.

 A typical Korean sex motel (aka love motel)

 Trying to have a team meeting in the overheated, sweaty and stuffy sex motel room!

  Haidar in action: Drink time

 Loh on the rest day, top of the 1st KOM for the next stage!

 On the way up...

Heading back to the motel, rugged up of course.

That's it! And I have to say a massive thanks to Marco Polo Cycling Team and the organisors of the Tour De Korea for another great adventure..flight to Hong Kong departs in 1 hour. Sad sad reality awaits!



  1. Jono,

    thankfully your readers are well aware of what you do, because the photo that accompanied this byline "Trying to have a team meeting in the overheated, sweaty and stuffy sex motel room!" should never be taken out of context. Congrats on your road back to stardom,

  2. "Road back to stardom" I'm flattered Paris Marques, but let's not go nuts! haha

  3. Thanks for the photos Jono. I was hoping that you'd be posting some.

  4. Fascinating, Jono.

    Did you get to do the 1100 meter road climb on Jeju, either as part of the race or beforehand?

    It's a long and intermittently hard climb - particularly if you try it on a rented steel-frame MTB :)

  5. No, no time in Jeju! It was stage finish, shower, bus, plane and back to the mainland!

    Would have been fantastic, saw some great photos of the volcano crater, would have made a good stage finish!