Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why God, Why???

Do I ever race at the Kew crit circuit!

What a bastard of a course. After racing there for nearly 3 years straight it became apparant to me last night why I haven't raced there for a good 3 years. And the race, well, only 9 starters, 3 or 4 riders were clearly the strongest. But it was (I Hate) Shane Miller who came out on top just pipping Drapac's new Dutch import. First race in a few months will always hurt. But hey, why not make it as bad as possible by racing on the hardest crit circuit in Melbourne on a windy arvo?!

Next up is the under 23 national road race on saturday where I will get to meet the new team, hang out and generally suffer. Easy.

Then the real pain will begin in three weeks with the Tour of Wellington. Decent start list!

Now the blatant sponsor plug ( even though I haven't updated my links yet!) comes in me bragging about my Malvern Star Oppy. I like it. That's it. Plug over.  Not really a plug because I do actually like it. Everyone likes new bikes right?

Pre race enthusiasm (Thanks Von!)

Got a nice pilates class coming up, wish me  luck!



  1. Good to be back racing with you there JLock, just like old days when we were juniors.... ;)

  2. Not sure about the rather gay orange socks tho!
    Not that there's anything wrong with that... rolleyes...

  3. Good to see you back racing again. Godspeed on Satdee.

  4. well done jono. although, after this week I've seen enough orange kit to last me till the next world cup ;)

  5. Good luck for nationals Jono!