Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Choice as Bro

Tour of Wellington was, as stated above, rather choice. A quick summary for the team would be:

-Steele Von Hoff 4th in stage 1
-Nathan Earle 1st in stage 2 (!)
-Nathan Earle 1st in stage 3 (!!!!)
-Nathan Earle 1st in stage 4 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
-Nathan Earle 2nd in stage 5
-2nd on Teams GC
-The award of 'Most Aggressive Rider for the Tour' simply made up after the final stage and awarded to Nathan Earle

For anyone watching the Giro last year wondering who that obscure Tassie Devil called Ritchie Porte was, well you may be thinking the same thing in a few years time. When Ritchie pulled out some amazing rides on the domestic circuit a few years back many guys where thinking it was only a matter of time. Well for Nearle, I think it is now only a matter of time! (And now I have built him up so much, he can only disappoint, in fact we can cut him down in classic tall poppy fashion) He is off to Italy to race for one of Ritchie's previous amateur teams in March so fingers crossed that we can all follow his exploits.

But aside from working hard for Nearle and Steele during the race, we made sure to devote the remainder of our time to letting team mate Matt and physio Hayden (who both happen to be Kiwis) know exactly what we thought of their hilarious accent.

"Oh boy that's a wee crut circuit right there"

"A what?!?!"

"You know, a crut, a cruterium!"

"Ooohhh a crit! I get ya"

And so on. We certainly took the puss

And to funish off, a few wee puctures bro

The secret to a hat trick of UCI stage wins

Nearle re-aligning his Shakra

 Malvern Star bikes also become very useful clothes lines

Mechanics can turn anything into a work stand

Pat Lane, Nathan Earle, Lachie Norris and stage winner Westley Gough riding away in the Wellington stage 5 Cruterium

Also I am happy to say I blatently stole these photos from Steele's facebook page and didn't ask Nearle's permission to post such bizare photos of him. But hey, what are friends for?


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