Saturday, March 5, 2011

Got the whiff

Racing in Asia. I love it.

It nearly broke my heart to not be able to race my final two big Chinese races, Tour of China and Tour of Hainan, with Marco Polo at the end of last year. But I was a was a broken, buckled, overly metaphorical wreck.

But alas, with many an hour of rehab work I am back on track, and thanks to Genesys for having some faith and taking me on in my buckled state I am only a week away from a return to the Asian scene!

On the cards for the team is Jelajah Malaysia and the Tour of Korea. Both are going to be fantastic.

Malaysia will be a real shock to the system. Hot and humid, like a punch in the face. But the curries and catch ups with Malaysian friends from Marco Polo will make up for it. I cannot wait! The course is unfortunately flat but given it runs along some coastal roads before making its way south towards Kuala Lumpur I am hoping for some wind to tear it up. Maybe even some success like Marko experienced last year

Korea is going to be similarly fantastic. I can't really put words to how excited I am! I had such a ball racing there last year. The race was so well organised, I mean they even chartered a private flight to transport the entire race after stage one, the food was amazing (anyone say kim chi?) and the racing was really tough. It had everything, wind, rain, snow, mountains, highways, kim chi. Everything.

The only two downsides are that I have to bust my arse being back at full time uni, it's just one big game of catch up but hey that's life. Secondly, the flights start to drag, especially when your flight to Kuala Lumpur depart at 03:30 on Sunday morning! Ouch!

Here is a good recap from our Childrens First Foundation ride a few weeks back and some more talk on WattBike Max power comps, geez there are some good sprinters out there in the Genesys corporate world!

Time to grab a quick nap before heading off to the airport, I think this is going to be a disjointed night for sure!



  1. Jono, love reading your posts. The writing is coming on in leaps and bounds. Keep up the good work and smash 'em in those crosswinds brother!!

    Jess and Tim