Thursday, July 2, 2009


Great to see the money I spent to get to Thailand with the Plan B team payed off!
Me and my mate Adam both qualifying from the same race, awesome!

That there is a squad of superstars though and unless start winning every one of my next few races solo by 4 minutes with one leg I doubt I'll be riding worlds this year, but I'll just keep chipping away, year by year. Frankly, when half those guys are Pro next year I'll have a good shot!

Wet and windy beach road today. A lot of fiddling with my TT set-up lately, will take a while to really nail it down.

Looking forward to some hilly racing in Eildon this weekend, Blackburn CC really do put on some awesome circuits for road racing.



  1. Respect indeed. Well done Jono.

  2. Word has it it was 5 minutes off the front of A grade today? That's a good start :-)