Monday, July 6, 2009

Tour de France Recovery Routine

It just so happens that the Tour coincides so very nicely with my Uni holidays.

Every morning is a scared ritual of dragging myself out of bed, grabbing a bowl of muesli, a pot of tea and also a coffee and laying on the couch and watchings last nights recording of the tour. Easier than completely destroying my sleep patterns for 3 weeks, then trying to head into second semester of uni and the tour of gippsland on 5 hours sleep a night!

Big congrats to Shane Miller for winning another time trial in Wangaratta despite the press halting misquotations of the CCCC tifosi! ;-)

For an old master (read: Not that old at all master!) he sure goes quick over 20k!

Have fun at work guys, holiday time beckons, hello TV my old friend....


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