Monday, May 3, 2010


That's it. The race  is doooone. It has been a tremendously long two weeks of travel and racing. The mental stress had built up and built up and was finally let down last night with a few beers and about 5 animals worth of meat.

The last stage was amazing and ridiculous at the same time. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

What's Brilliant: Racing through the heart of Seoul. We started with a lap around the olympic park then looped out a highway and the river, u turned, came back, jumped off the highway and raced up and down around this crazy hill near where the president (or prime minister? I am frankly 100% ignorant on South Korean government structure..) resides then through some more big streets to end up finishing near the town hall smack bang in the middle of Seoul. Very cool. Very Brilliant.

What's Silly, Hopeless, Idiotic and downright Terrifying (S.H.I.T): The lack of traffic control and entering numerous massive intersections, with traffic, and, no marshals to tell us where to go! Mayhem. So as we were chasing after a group that split off on the dangerous cobbled speed hump descent (that's another story!) out of the presidential house/park/thingamajig we took two wrong turns and ended  up stuck in the middle of a 5 lane road with cars banked up infront of us and behind us. We were screwed! Then even worse, the commisaire makes light of the situation by docking our group a hypothetical 3mins 20sec after saying he'd give us bunch time. What a Sha-mozzle. A brothel. A veritable logistical train wreck. Only beer and grilled carcass's can remedy such a shame.

So now I am about to fly out back to Melbourne and will be MIA on the blog front for a few weeks. The plan at the moment is to head off to Europe by the end of May whereby a massive 3 months of racing awaits. So unless I get any hilarious stories to tell it's bye for now!


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  1. Hey, I'm just a fan, a nobody Melb cyclist but much enjoy your work mate...great reading, great guts over the past year or so. Good luck over in the EU. Look forward to your expoits in the future...