Monday, August 17, 2009

Pubic Rami

According to the radiologist, mine have some undisplaced fractures. Chuck in a moderately intense oedema and some evidence of a periosteal haematoma and I've confused the hell out of everyone.

It's ok though, DO NOT FRET! There is minimal joint fusion, articular cartilage is preserved and the fibrocartilaginous labrum is normal, phew!

English: I am like an old lady with a broken pelvis. Hit ground hard, pelvis go snap snap.


Double Dam.

Time to change around the season plans a little.

But it's really not that bad. I'll be riding by next week. This week I'll be visiting the methadone clinic to feed my addiction.

Updates as they come to hand


EDIT-This is from my crash at Gippsland btw.

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