Sunday, August 30, 2009

Word Association

ERGO: monotonous, tedious lonely, boring, painful, masochistic, sweaty, uncomfortable, dreary, draining, incessant, insufferable, sphincter wrenchingly hard, KILL ME NOW!

ERGO: necessary, effective, efficient, beneficial, specific, intense.

It felt like it was only yesterday. I crashed, broke my collarbone and was bound to my BT ergo for a month of stationary salt crusted sweaty cycling. Oh Goodie. Well that was all the way back in January and time has flown. Since then someone has dialled down the clock and the last 4 weeks have gone sooooooooooo slowly!

Well, one good discovery I made yesterday is that I can start training again after a month of nothing. The dark side to this revelation, I can only do it on the ergo. Oh Goodie.

Basically, I can pedal OK, no pain, all good. But as you’d expect with a recovering pelvis fracture or two, stability is hard to come by and I still have 2 weeks to go before I can expect any real strength. Therefore, equipped with some towels and an I-pod I’ve got two weeks of joyous motionless exercise coming up. You guessed it, Oh Goodie.

You may be noticing a theme in some of my blog posts of late, something a bit like this,

Life is so hard
Last minutes reflection on why life isn’t that hard and I should toughen up princess

Well, this one, it’s no different! I read about guys in the northern hemisphere who spend 2-3 months at least over winter doing all their training indoors while it snows outside! I guess we are just spoilt in Australia, aren’t we?

Other news is I have plans in the pipeline for some racing later in the year and also looking at next year. Fingers crossed it all comes to fruition.



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