Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Waiting for my flight back to depart.

Waiting for my suspect looking cappuccino to arrive

Waiting for my last few bits of road rash to heal

Waiting for my emails to load.

Waiting for the diclofenac to kick in

But most of all I am waiting for my sore hip to heal so I can ride with vengeance once again.

The long and short of it is that I was not ready to race again by the time we rolled to the start in Jombang for stage one of the Tour of East Java. It took only 25k for me to pull the pin, must be some sort of record.

So I spent the rest of the tour just resting, eating barbecued corn from the street vendors and hanging out in the team car watching people suffer.

I'll give another write up with some juicy juicy details of all the highlights of our time in Java. But right now, it's time for sate ayam, gado gado, a touch of rendang and maybe a bintang or three to fuel another red eye flight back to the land of Oz

And on a random note I see that Durbridge won the Junior World TT champs, that is awesome news!

Bye for now,


EDITED- Sleep deprived grammar mistakes...

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