Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Procrastinatory Posting

Not much juicy information or gruesome photos to add yet, sorry!

Just been very busy cramming in a semester of work into two weeks of study.

I have two exams in the next 5 days so I have not had much time to keep the blog rolling.

Bottom line thus far,
Time since crash: 4 weeks
Time spent in cast: 2 weeks
Time in moon boot: 2 weeks
Time left in moon boot: 2 weeks
Time till I ride again: Don't ask (3+ weeks)
Number of fantastic Thai meals: 2
Number of visits to Dumpling King: 1 (not nearly enough)
Number of  APTE Mega Cookies eaten: 1 (a whole blog post to come on these little beauties)
Number of sympathetic relatives who have baked me some tasty goods: 2
Hows the fractured pelvis: Good nearly 100%
Hows the face: Great! I'll get some photo's loaded after my exams
Where to from here: Get in the gym, do some easy stuff; pretty much anything to keep me occupied and start some SLAM pedalling soon (more to come on that!)

So I am bored, frustrated, but no time to fret, I have some exams to pass!



1 comment:

  1. Jono:

    Good luck with your exams. We look forward to a speedy recovery and seeing you back on the bike. Blog posts on your progress on the bike would be great.

    Merry Christmas.