Thursday, December 3, 2009

Self Indulgence

Just popping up a link to an interview I did with Hawthorn "Master of the Universe"  Stu Vaughan

a while back about all sorts of random facts. Not heaps to it other than a good long video of me, talking all about, But I guess that's why people blog isn't it?

And according to Scott I am a young man full of courage. I am not going to lie that is pretty humbling, but I'd prefer to be a coward who never crashed!

Back to some thrilling econometrics work for the time being


  1. Glad you didn't cut off any fingers during the interview! And how appropriate to have the bikes on display in the background. Done on purpose? And I think you're right, we blog to draw attention to ourselves. LOL.

  2. Jono:

    I have questions!

    Will we one day see you in the Tour de France? Do you consider yourself more of a climber? When did you really start getting enthusiastic about cycling?


  3. 1) Who knows, I'd like to hope so though!
    2) Yep.
    3) Started riding at 14, started club crits at 15, started real racing (ie U19 road nats) at 16.


  4. Jono:

    How is your recovery coming along? I was mentioning your accident to some friends today and I was curious to know how you were doing.


  5. I am about to write up a post, nearly one month on already. Being doing some study (finally) for my supplementary exams to get my mind off the whole stuck at home not riding thing :-)