Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A past snippet of pain to 3 months of gain

So me being lazy and stingy has contributed to me not buying a Ride mag having already read someone elses version cover to cover. So fortunately someone else has scanned in my little piece from the most recent edition:

Article from Ride 

Whilst getting all soppy and emotional in looking back at that picture, I realised in the last 3 months I've come quite a way. To think, a month with a cast, another 3 weeks with a moon boot, and the remaining time with a weak foot, a sore hip and a pretty special limp meant that life has been challenging.

I've built up my riding from the initial pedal on Raoul's SLAM pedals with just my left leg, to some tentative but joyful double legged wind trainer rides all culminating in that first ride down beach road!  From beach road it was 2/3 of the way up Mt Hotham and from there it's been a steady progression of gym and rehab sessions with whatever riding I can manage dispersed in between. My holy trinity of Doctor: Andrew Garnham, Physio: Nat McColl and Masseur: Arnaud Domange have helped make it all possible. These guys all do their job incredibly well, but it would be nice not to have to see them so often!

I supposed it comes as no shock to most cyclists out there, but the one aspect I was, and still am missing a bit (make that a lot), is the social side of training as a cyclist. Everything I do currently is all about my functionality, everything relates to mobilising my healed tendons so I can regain full ankle movement and pedal freely. Similarly, I am doing a lot of work with  my left glute to get it back and fireing so I can pedal hard again with no issues. Nevertheless, all these tedious steps are most certainly necessary, and speaking from experience with my last pelvis fracture; there is light at the end of the tunnel. One day everything just clicks, pedalling goes from a frustrating struggle to control your limbs to a thoughtless and soothing motion that makes you remember why you love riding a bike

So I can't wait to get back out on some of the bunch rides, to inflict some pain and likewise have some pain inflicted upon me. Because the bottom line is, we're all just a bunch of psychopathic sadists. You know you are.


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  1. You are so right. It's the social side of training that is missed most. The actual ride, inflicting pain and having pain being inflicted, the getting up early and the joy of pedalling and getting somewhere as well as the coffee and feed after the ride. It is frustrating not being able to join your mates for all of that and feeling like you're on the outer because of it. For me it's also knowing that I might have another 6 months before I can ride again.

    Good luck getting out there again! And enjoy the social riding.