Sunday, February 14, 2010


I am in need of some shades.

Been looking about and hoping to score a good deal like most cyclists do, however, I am also curious in some recommendations having never, yes, never bought a decent pair of sunnies before. That's right, never! I am fairly certain that the only sunnies I have ever actually bought were a cheap pair of Euro sunnies off Warren at BikeNOW a few years back. Thanks Wocka!

I have lived off old hand me downs, ones bought by mum about ten years ago, or, for the last 2 years off cheap 'Foakleys" from Langkawi given to me by Ben King

Are there any sunnies that don't fog up too much when it gets wet? What about interchangeable lenses, does anyone actually swap out lenses all the time? (If I sound like an idiot with no idea, that's because I have no idea)




  1. Jono,

    I've been wearing the Oakley Livestrong Flak Jacket sunglasses for a couple of years now and I like them very much.


  2. Fffffffffffoakley They can't be any good for your eyes.... or maybe they're fine and the mega$ are full of it.

    Let us know what you end up with. I'm still on the hunt for 'the perfect' pair.

  3. Hmm I face the Oakley vs Foakley Dilemma!

  4. I use some Specialized Adaptalite lenses in my glasses. There are still some on SALE here: Whilst I don't use this exact pair, the lenses are great for morning rides, as the lens changes with sunlight. Means morning/evening rides are fine with these. However, since you're a pro, and probably don't get out of bed till after 9am, you mightn't need these ;)

  5. Get some oakleys, i can try to sort you out if you want

  6. I have now had an overwhelming response of BUY SOME OAKLEYS YOU CHEAP ARSE!! So...time to mull it over ;-)

  7. get oakleys... but don't pay for them... next time i see you remind me to give you Sheridan's number ;)

  8. You probably did buy some shades already. I wanted to say that I switch out the lenses fairly often, especially in Spring and Autumn. Depends on if you are always wearing them, but if you want to ride early morning and it's just after the time change, you will want clearer lenses.