Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Follow the Lede

Wow. That first kermesse sure blew out some cobwebs. I think it blew out a few gaskets too. I need an oil change and a refuel before I go and do it again in Ruddervorde tomorrow!

The scarey thing is, when speaking to Stu Shaw from Drapac Porsche towards the end of the race he confirmed my worst  fears; this was an easy kermesse. Eighty people finished from one hundred and thirty starters. That's not hard! I get the feeling unless 7 guys all limp over the line then collapse then it's just not hard.

Well, I'll take the easy ones when they come! For someone who claims to enjoy the odd hill or two it still  baffles me I am living for four months in the flattest country in the world...

To change topics completely, everyone knows canned rice cream yeh? Well I reckon it taste like canned crap. This evening  I embarked on a mission to make my own. Rice, milk, sugar, salt, one cinnamon stick, two cardamom pods a little bit of patience and I have before me some damn tasty creamed rice. It's easy, I should have done it earlier, but alas the memories of crappy rice cream will fore ever blight my existence. Oh well.

To keep the food front rolling on I have to add that since the arrival of my other Malaysian team mate  Haidar and his wife Bella, I have been dinning, no, feasting, on wonderful Malay food. Honestly I could talk all night about how good their food is. It's like I've died and gone to heaven.

Anyway, sleep is a must. And being the leader of Procrasti-Nation I have a whole bunch of episodes of the Shield and the Wire to get through before I can  get onto exam study (prioritising..)



  1. A vanilla pod also works well with the creamed rice - I've never had the canned stuff but love it when it's home made :) Also some sultana's, dried fruit - anything really!

  2. Home made creamed rice = Rice pudding!

    Try adding Milo to it (once its cooked). You can just sprinkle it on to taste. In fact if you make a fairly plain batch (eg- no fruit added), you can add different tinned fruits, milo, etc to it for reheating in the Microwave for different flavours.

    Can you tell I grew up on rice pudding (and not just by looking at my waist line)?

  3. A buddy was visiting this week from Austria, so we visited the Tour of Flanders museum Sunday. On the way home, we stopped in Lede to catch the last few laps of the race ("Let's check out a pro kermesse!")
    As a spectator, I wouldn't have called it an "easy" race- You guys were hauling ass!
    Respect. And good luck in your next races.

  4. Hey,

    I am amazed someone who saw the race read this blog!

    Yeh, certainly not easy by my standards, just not as devastatingly hard is some of the other races, or so I am told.