Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pre Race Jitters

Muesli + Yoghurt = Eaten
Coffee = Process of being drunk
Pre race meal = Packed and ready to go
Clothes = Packed
Equipment= Sparkling, working, in the van, ready to roll
License and money = Never leave my wallet
Motivation= Sky High
Excitement= Through the roof
Preperation= Never as much as I would like
Pre race crap = Normally achieved at the completion of stage two.

So this morning we are off to race the mother of all epic races. It is going to be spectacular.
If your foreign languages are good have a read here,

In short,the IWT Oetingen is a UCI 1.2 race with 198 starters, lots of climbs, cobbles, cobbled climbs, narrow roads, windy roads, narrow AND windy roads and lots of other things to make it sound hard that I can't honestly remember. Basically on the spectrum of difficulty, this bad boy ranks up there with the best. We race over some of the climbs from the Tour of Flanders, some of the real rough ones, some of the real bones rattling, acid inducing, "oh my god will this bastard ever end?!?!" climbs. And I don't think we hardly crack 100 metres elevation!

Anyway, step 2 giving rise to step 10 so Adios!



  1. Did I read that right?
    You finished 47th out of 198 starters?

    Awesome stuff!

  2. Yeah well done...avec 60 % or so not finishing.
    Happy or not?.

  3. Hey,

    Yeh I am really happy, it was a great race, cobbles are awesome! Gonna try to write something up before I hit the hay tonight.