Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"How close did we get to Germany?"

"Pretty close, actually about as close as I think you can get."- Spraggy
"Oh really?"- Me
"Uh yeh, we're in Germany"- Spraggy
"Oh..."- Me

And what a ride it was. Wind, bergs, coke, strudel, honey cake and the warm smell of fermenting cow shit all day long. Yesterday was a big bunch ride led by hard man and GPS equipped local legend Leon Van Bon.

We went south through Valkenburg and the Amstel Gold race area, then kept heading to the south east, entered Germany, did some rolling climbs, ended up in this amazing olden style German village complete with a castle, church, cobbles, coffee, coke and cake. Then it was onwards and upwards into Belgium and slowly getting up to the highest point in the country, which was actually 694m I'll have you know! Then we continued along a bunch of narrow rolling roads all the way back to our front door. A good 6 hour ride followed by an even better dinner at a newly opened "Wok Always" takeaway shop in town; things just keep improving

The hard man himself


The old Kinglake Bakery just doesn't live up

Black Kettle Tearooms are also, I guess, just not quite up to scratch

And with that it's time to find a less creative way to whittle away some hours online, bye!



  1. do you have to ride with your passport on you then?

  2. Nope.

    Unless you are Greek, in which case the Germans start asking for their money back.

  3. Jono, sounds like a wonderful adventure. Were you at any stage tempted to skip deliriously through the land of chocolate on your cleated shoes (ala Homer Simpson) ?

    Enjoy the strudle and coke - that's so euro-pro