Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Pictorial of Sorts

In no particular order...

This is Jeanne-Pierre (Spelling?). Funny story actually; on our ride back from a kermesse race this evening, Brad and myself were stopped by the side of the road with Brad fixing a puncture. Out of nowhere this guy comes up, "Uh, are you Jonathan, Lovelock?"
"Ahh great blog!"

Anyway, turns out it is a small world. Jeanne knows some of the guys running the Marco Polo team and just happened to see us on the side of the road. Who would have thought...

Hello SRM Factory!

No better way to spend 5.5 Euro than on the economy menu at 'Wok Always'

The AMAZING forest where James Spragg Lives, seriously, this is cool!

Cool enough for a barbeque

A top notch Malay Spread

Hainese mutton, up close and personal

Best till last, Loh's special combination, vanilla custard, strawberries, roasted peanuts and granulated sugar sprinkled on top. It really is good. Would I lie?

It's past midnight now! Damn these evening races..



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