Friday, September 18, 2009

Always look on the Bright side of life

Time to pack up and head off for a nice stint up in the hills.

Uni holidays are on and it's time to catch up on some fitness I lost in my time off. Fingers crossed for some crisp mornings and warm sunny arvo's. Here is the trip checklist

1) Fish and Chips at the pub
2) Watch the footy at the pub
3) Play some pool at the pub
4) Drop vast amounts of money at Food Wine and Friends, the coffee haunt.
5) Do some serious climbing
6) Do some serious eating
7) Suffer in the inevitable wind and rain on our Beechworth Day
8) Get Fit
9) Try not to fracture pelvis

Can't wait!

And in more Bright/Cycling related news, I entered the Alpine Classic 250k last night; Bright, Hotham, Omeo, Falls Creek, Bright. Going to be a tough ride (Well der!). The Alpine classic weekend often gets a bad rep among 'elite' cyclists as a a weekend to steer clear from; fluoro vests, oversized saddle bags and highly upturned stems give us PRO (To steal a term from Wade) roadies nightmares for weeks afterwards. But seriously, I say let Participation Oriented Audaxers, and the Testosterised Road Nazis join together, just for this weekend. Two wheels good, four wheels bad, yeh? Diatribe aside, I've been in Bright for the past two Audax weekends and had a blast, so I recommend it to anyone.

To everyone who reads this (Hi mum!), go on, enter the 250 6:19 departure, let's get a good group going, last one to finish shouts beers at the brewery. Incentive enough, because there will be some thirsty cyclists.

I will give some more updates from Bright because once we finish our rides, there ain't a whole lot to do!


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