Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rocket Man

Well I am back on the bike and training with somewhat normality now which is great, but now it's time to do a bit of a business plug.

I have gotten myself involved with a new cycling clothing label named Rocket Man Design that's soon to be coming our way from the West of Australia. By next week I'll have some sample clothing and will be hauling myself around to a variety of different bikeshops to see who wants to stock this sweet looking new brand, hopefully I don't have to work too hard! Should be out and about at the Suntour sales or Bay Crits so come up and say g'day and try out the new gear.

The man in charge Rod Harding is doing an early bird special, offering free postage for anyone who wants to pre-order a jersey. They are selling for $65 a jersey but if you buy more than 5 it comes down to $60 a jersey. This runs till the 30th of September

Anyway, blatant plug over, and off to the gym for an epic pilates session on my severely underdeveloped left glute!

Got some snaps of the sample clothing

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