Friday, September 25, 2009

A Wet Tale

So our last day at Bright resulted in just the tiniest bit of rain catching up with us. Never mind, it was very minimal. On the other hand, the headwind on the way to Beechworth was not so minimal, but logic and experience told us that the tailwind home would be maximal, and it certainly was.

Now I am completely rooted. Buggered. Stuffed. Screwed. Me and my bed are getting well acquainted after some time apart and it's great. My to do list is growing but the energy required to do anything is just not with me today

So now I am looking forward to some hard training with a possible Sun Tour ride on the cards and the Warnie looming dangerously towards the end of October.

Other interesting news is the Jayco-VIS team for Tour of Tasmania has been boosted by some serious imports; Matt Wilson and Dave Tanner! I wish I was racing now!

And of course, Bobridge; what an amazing ride. Can't say much more than that

Bye for now.

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