Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The hunt for Internet

Is finally over.

The brewery now has beer, coffee AND a wireless connection, I may never leave. As we speak, Langers and I are involved in a heavy couch, net and coffee session and only the most necessary biological functions (food, water, toilet) are capable of breaking the trance. Twitter, facebook, blogs, cyclingnews, and so on and so forth. Very important business is being tended too.

The training has been good and somehow we have avoided rain for the whole week! I am even getting in some base tan training for summer. Bonus.

The camp for me has consisted of

Sat-Oxley to Mansfield
Sun- Mansfield to Oxley, then into Wangaratta
Mon-Happy Valley (Gaps loop)
Tue-Falls Creek

So not doing mega days, just stringing together a decent block to get me back up to speed.

-Riding from Oxley to Mansfield, leaving at 4pm, hence riding the last hour of the fast and twisting descent into Mansfield in pitch black with a broken rear light and a pathetic front light. No really it was fun! Not in a "I might die but at least I'll do so in the idiotic irresponsible manner I always thought I would" kinda way, but in more of a "Well when they said mixing up your training was key to avoiding stagnation I bet that they didn't mean dark, cold, wet alpine descents with kangaroos running across thee road, geez I'm pretty hardcore (read: stupid)" kinda way.
-Urine samples for hydration testing, what? Am I really that dehydrated?!?!
-Bath Rasi with calamari, shrimp, chicken, beef and a fried egg at the Alpine Hotel
-Jasper coffee now at the brewery
-Aforementioned FREE wireless
-Good hills

-Pat Lane breaking his collarbone in the High Country Road race
-Freezing Hotham Descent
-Still one more day of training to go! Argghh I'm getting tired now.
-Magpies. Not just any mapgies, these magpies are like left (and right) wing extremist magpies. Fearsome, malicious (much like tall Jan) Magpies. I hate them. I hate them all. My neck is sore from riding, looking over my shoulder, constantly waiting for the squawk and CRACK!

So one more day to go then it's home to carry out the uni holidays in style.


PS- For those in the know, I read a funny quote written on the road while going up the Meg on Hotham Today:

"ULN-For the People"

Heck Yes. Clyde Time!

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