Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dam you Volcano!!

Our six man strong team has now been cut back to 4 as my team mates Leon and Khalid travelling from Europe did not make it. Never mind.

I had a solid 24 hours of travel with 3 flights and train ride and a bus ride but I am here and most definitely ready to race. Here is also known as Jeju, an island south of Busan in Korea. It's fantastic, the island is basically a volcano so everywhere you ride you just circumnavigate this ominous looking peak in the centre of the island. Fortunately this one is no longer active...Everywhere is lush, green and the whole area is planned out with resorts all carefully placed around cliff tops and in among rolling hills, a very well laid out holiday destination.It's a bit like an Asian take on Hamilton Island but not so plastic and thankfully there is no XXXX beer..

To all seafood fans out there you are definitely missing out not being here. I have had some really fresh and tasty salmon, tuna, kingfish, calamari, oysters ,octopus and sea snails. Brilliant. Only let down is the coffee but there are no shocks there... the green tea comes up trumps.
The other big find in Korea has been the awesome chain "Paris Baguette". Now I 've been to Paris, and I've eaten spent vast quantities of time sampling everything I could afford at various boulangeries, now the ones here are certainly not that good. They are, however, well above the average Asian baked goodies, so I'm happy with that.

First stage tomorrw, 177 kilometres around the coastline non stop on a windy Island. I reckon it's gonna be H-A-R-D. Oooooh yeh. Bring it on. As long as its not 40 degrees (which it won't be..) I am ready to suffer.

Time for some sushi for afternoon tea. Again, I'm happy.



  1. you should also try "Kalbi" - marinated beef, or "bulgogi" - shredded beef. For a mixed veggie bowl I recommend "bibimbop"

    Have a great time in my motherland and good luck on your race.

    Btw I have no idea how I came across your site but have been following your updates for a few months

    Andy from NYC

  2. Toughen up Luvvy,

    ;) jock

  3. Hey Andy,
    Today we raced along the most amazing looking lake and it was pretty dam windy. No time to enjoy the view!

    Food is great too.