Thursday, April 15, 2010

Where's the time go?

I swear it seems like only yesterday I was quickly typing out a blog in Thailand...

I must be having fun because time sure is flying. I have been back home for a week and am off for the next Asian instalment on monday: Tour of Korea. A good 1600 kilometres over ten stages and eleven days, the first tour I have done with appropriate magnitude to grant a rest day. Wow. This. Will. Hurt. Lots.

But back to the land of Thai's..

So during stage 4 I  got a rear flat early on while the race was moving pretty dam fast. Ok, no worries, wheel change, jump back on, all to plan. I am slowly crawling my way back through the convoy, gritting my teeth, suffering like a dog. Now in Asian UCI races you get plagued by these infuriating moto-commissaires on little scooters who are there seemingly to get their power trip for the year. They flat out refuse to let you even look at the back of a car let alone get some assistance in getting back on after a mechanical or a crash. Needless to say this makes it much harder getting back into the race. So amongst the blur of wind, pain and exhaust fumes that is the convoy, I managed to get myself distracted by one of these little two wheel moto-pests and then ..
BANG! I went into the back of a team car! (After hitting the skids and nearly pulling up!)

Regardless, it was a very minor mishap, but more to the point, after I jumped up, straightened my bars and grabbed the Oakleys currently being loaned by Rob, the convoy was just out of reach. Hmmm. Time to get pensive.

Distance to finish: 170k
Temperature: 40 degrees
Wind direction: Headwind (Of course..)
Liquid situation: Enough for another two hours
"Yes, that's right Jono," (said the dehydrated little voice inside my head)
"You're rooted."

So long boring story short, I made it to 4 hours in, about 60k to go then pulled the pin. No shock, no shame, just a good bus ride with one of the race chaperones teaching me how to ask for 'proper' spicy food in Thai. Now that proved to be useful.

So the next two days where a mix of time following the race in the team car, training on my lonesome or with some mates from Perth, eating delicious delicious mysteries and just sweltering in the heat.

I have some brilliant photos of some of the tasty delights I ate bout to load up, so be ready, I just have to go about stealing them off another website and we're good to go.

Finally I spent a night on the trip home with my team mate Loh hanging out in Kuala Lumpur. He has a house there so I got to spend a night and morning just eating and buying great stuff in local markets. So much to do, but never enough time.

I am running like a madman off to uni now, so no spell check..this could prove interesting. In the mean time, who do you reckon has lower Cda? Brad or me?


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  1. Jono,

    great news (well besides that small mishap). Glad you're enjoying the gastronomical delights afforded to you in Asia... I am trully envious.