Sunday, April 18, 2010

Energy Bars

Just pondering out loud here re-energy bars for long training rides or races.

I remember a while back Wade from Cycling Tips was talking about how in Australia we are quite literally starved for good bars to eat while out riding. I have never gone nuts about Powerbars, but at the same time, I wasn't about to go ordering a bunch of food from overseas. Muesli bars, jam sandwiches and obligatory bakery stops see me through. However I try to do some long rides eating Powerbars or similar as that's what  I eat during races so obviously it makes sense to train with them every blue moon.

Well, scrap all that. In Thailand I was fortunate enough to score a big bag of excess race food off the Jelly Belly guys as they were pushing their baggage limit. So, now that I find myself loaded with these Gatorade bars I have been smashing back some good long rides and have actually been enjoying (shock horror) eating energy bars. They are great. Really great.

Everyone knows the 'baby poo' vanilla powerbar or the thick, cloggy, dry and all round average chocolate powerbar. Well these are a level above, no doubt. to Korea tomorrow! I am very excited. Now just hoping my team mates coming from Europe make it with all the flight dramas of late. Either way, we'll work it out!




  1. Growling Dog. Excellent off the bike. A bit hard to chew on the bike going up hill at 80kph. Other than that, they are bland enough to enjoy when you're stretched out

    Peace, luv and mung beans,

    uncle jock

  2. I have had a minor revelation at Tour de Korea Jockster, it seems the banana flavoured powerbar is the surprising saviour. I can't believe it but it taste good..

    Albeit I am sick of them after 10 races and about 5 boxes but they are worlds above the vanilla/choc combos. Cookies and cream still sit in the middle somewhere..