Thursday, April 1, 2010


Well my first race back is now swinging into action. I just finished the prologue somewhere midfield and am happy to be back in the swing. I am short of time so will have to forget about punctuation, grammar etc etc yada yada.

Best Shit
-Exchange rate. Oh yes you Aussie dollar you have purchasing power over here and for that I love you so.

-Absolutely stonkily ridiculously tasty street food. Green papaya salad, grilled chicken, grilled fish, rice (of course), smashingly tasty curries, heinously spicy tom yum soup. My flavour senses have been hit for six. It's fantastic. I am in heaven. A hot, sweaty, spicy heaven. But be warned, take the chilli easy. I learnt my lesson after an enforced mid ride middle of nowhere emergency paddock discharge. That's one cycling cap I will NOT be taking home ;-)

-New Bike-Oh yes. new stuff is the best stuff. Museeuw frames are shiney, light, fast and generally all round awesome. You should all buy one. Seriously.

-Thai massage. You get poked, proded and stretched in all forms of legal and possibly illegal positions. (All people who have cracked a 'happy ending joke' please send me $5. I am going to be rich.)

-Caffeine. Been weening off lately, 2 No Doz pre prologue today= Jono READY TO GO! Let's hope I sleep tonight. She'll be right.

Bad Shit
-Nothing. Thailand is the land of all things good.

Au revoir pour ce moment.



  1. Jono, I loved my trip to Thailand last year. Can definitely see your points about the cuisine and lifestyle. Enjoy the roads, as I always suspected that they weren't great for racing, but perhaps those potholes everywhere were only on the islands! Enjoy those massages too - having small ladies standing on your back must be scientifically sound!


  3. hope you smashed some street corn, and caught a random dude's moped to a local cafe serving genuine ethiopian coffee (complete with ginger)