Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pig disease

Well the last two stages (5 and 6) have been shortened from 150k to 84k and 200k to 54k respectively. We have been told its because we can't race through a certain region of Korea at the moment due to a 'pig disease'. Who knows! Maybe I'll come back with a curly tail.

The thing is, shorter is not necessarily easier, just fast! Today for example: 54k off death. Every kilometre filled with tension and animosity. Everyone was ready to race and jumpy as all hell. Bars clashed, words were thrown and the riding was not friendly. We raced along some tight, undulating and windy roads going flat chat for 17k untill we hit a 3k constant climb that we flew up. I made the amateur mistake of getting caught at the back, so it was chase, chase, chase up threw the bunch. I crested the hill with about 20 guys but there was a group putting GC in danger that had snuck off the front. From the bottom of the climb to the finish was  about 30k which just flew by. Tailwind or crosswind it was just so fast. We averaged just a tick over 50.

Thankfully I grovelled my way back to the front as the race was exploding! At 20k to go there were 3 guys still in front and only about 15 guys in my group. Sweet! Unfortunately we turned into a bit of a headwind and lost our impetus. By the finish the group was back to 60 guys. Boy oh boy, that hurt!

Right now I am at Paris Baguette enjoying dipping a glutinous rice baguette into a hot chocolate. Trust me, this is living!


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