Friday, April 30, 2010

5500 Calories

Is what I burnt today in the looooong 241k spent saddled up today

225 stage + 10k neutral + 6 k warm up.

It was fairly hilly with lots of lovely things to write about but alas I am tired and about to go to bed! So just a quick post to say nothing really changed. Other than octopus, preserved egg and spicy tomato sauce sandwiches are really something special.

Oh yeh, we got more snow flurries at the top of the 2nd KOM today (900m), but no mass freezage a la stage 7.

And another newsflash to say that I am really sick of banana powerbars



  1. cookies and cream are the bomb

  2. Nah, Paris Baguette cream buns take the cake (kinda literally)