Friday, April 23, 2010


First stage=wet and windy
Made the lead group that formed after due gutter time but we never caught a lone leader up the road. Very hard day. Hardest thing abotu stage one was the bus then plane then bus transfer we had that took the best part 6 hours after our driver got lost! Oh well, thems the breaks.

Stage 2 was shorter and easier and there is not much to write up about other than nealy getting dropped and suffering like a dog for the last 30k after hitting the mother of all cateyes on the side of the road. Bloody tyre was hitting the brake pad pretty hard. Having said that, I was dam lucky I didn't flat or break the wheel because given the speed we were doing I never would have made it back on. Many people are falling victims to the ridiculous sized cateeyes in Korea.

Food update: Have had a fair bit of Bulgogi and bucket loads of Kim Chi. Last night I had Kim Chi on my spaghetti with some pickled octopus..yeh, try and get that in Italy. (I can hear the nonnas screaming in unison!)

Out of time!

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