Wednesday, October 14, 2009

6 Doughnuts Thanks

I had my very own "5 Cougars thanks" moment mid ride at the Basin Bakery today. Don't read too much into it though, by no means did my Cougar moment have anything to do with the generous physical attributes of the lady serving me. No, in fact it was more of a Hungry Jacks "Stunner" moment, hunger combined with the abhorrently cheap 6 iced doughnuts for $3.50 had me well, stunned. Soon after the doughnuts had me stunned and struggling to pedal, my body facing the tough choice between digestion and oxygen supply. Don't fret though guys, I made it home, slowly.

It was wet today too, that nice soaking rainforest Dandenongs kind of wet. It doesn't appear to actually be raining, it's more like there is inescapable constant moisture suspended in the air and I am riding through taking a collection as I go. It was cold too, AND windy!

But rather than talk about how tough I am (trust me, really, I'm not...) I'd prefer to take some joy that I am not racing the Sun Tour. Those guys have it rough this year! Last year there was about 10k total of serious gutter action and pretty much Sun (who would have thought!) all tour. This year looks bad, bad and oh so bad. Nothing but rain and broken collarbones! Hope everyone who went down recovers quickly. Thoughts also go out to Andrew Garnham the race doctor, he will certainly have his work cut out for him!

Lang Lang this Sunday. Yeha.

Bye for now.

Actually wait! It seems in my sugary euphoric ramblings I managed to neglect that I also had a chocolate croissant. At the oh so stunning value of $1.70. Bakeries really are friends of cyclists and students. Good thing I'm both, otherwise you lot might call me stingey...

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