Thursday, October 29, 2009

Worth a Laugh

Good ol' stuck in a car conservative rant about bikes in the media. Yawn.

Getting a bit tired of these, but one bit made me chuckle

"How aggressive do you have to be at 5am, anyway? You never hear of rowers, joggers, swimmers, yoga artists or other dawn fitness devotees attacking people."

The award for drawing the worst analogy, possibly in the history of time, goes to Ms Devine. I've seen people stumble into a University Arts class after 'a few too many' at the lunch time barbeque and trot out better debate and prose than this 'article' written by Ms Devine.

Blabbering over, back to that comment; Why don't we rephrase it;

"How many rowers, joggers, swimmers or yoga artists have to contend with motor traffic every day (including 15 tonne buses!)?" Still struggling to answer that aren't we Miranda?

Next time someone decides to row their way to work down Punt Rd, I'm tipping they may just get a little hot under the collar.

Nothing like having your life threatened by someone else's incompetence to fire you up!

Anyway, all fun and games. No point dwelling too long on pieces designed to bait hot-headed comments and drag up the Ages advertising revenue.

Got a report from the Shipwreck Coast Classic in the pipeline.

Morning all!

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  1. "Nothing like having your life threatened by someone else's incompetence to fire you up!"

    Correct LC. I always try not to swear out on the roads and paths... but in the split second where I'm thinking "Oh shit, this might hurt", I let out something more expressive. Some little kid copped it last night on the path when he was razor-scooting on the center line - he looked up and saw me coming, and STEPPED INTO MY PATH. Little scooty now knows a few more words he can use with his friends.