Monday, October 19, 2009

First Race back

Was fun. Nice course, nice competitors nice racing.

Our A grade race at Lang Lang was 2 laps of a big undulating circuit around Gippsland totalling 146 k. We rolled turns for the first lap just cruising, took a 'pisso' (aka toilet stop) at the end of the first lap then rolled turn again till we hit the hills and pretty much raced the last 40-50k or so pretty hard.

Needless to say my form was not great, but no excuses the other guys out there; Rowan, Leaper, Kane, Stuart and a few others were strong and aggressive so the racing was fun. No negative messing around, it is only a club race after all. Eventually some guys got up the road and that was it for me. Rolled in the last 10 k with not much to report on for my race. Sorry guys, interesting stories will be on hand once I make it to China in a few weeks!

Had a good time at Lygon on Saturday. Snuck my way into the VIP tent and enjoyed the fruits of success, a small bottle of sparkling mineral water and some gourmet party pies. "Yes!", I thought, "I have arrived!"

The race was a mild snooze fest thanks to the strength of Garmin, I had more interest looking at all the bits and pieces for sale that I don't need but boy do I want!

Big weekend coming up with my birthday on Friday (goodbye teens!) and the Shipwreck Coast classic on Sunday. I had been looking forward to doing the Warny (on the saturday) all year, however, I am just not up to scratch. I want to go there to race, not get pummelled and risk any further injury, so next year it is!


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