Friday, October 9, 2009

Lang Lang

Next weekend!

First race in a while and I am already looking forward to it! Will have to tone down the post Herald Sun Tour celebrations with the lads (yes even though I am not racing!) my 'form' has rapidly declined since schoolies '07 and I am now depressingly intolerant to alcoholic beverages!

But rambling aside,the 2009 Damian McDonald Memorial Road Race, Lang Lang, Victoria. is on next weekend and although that weekend is congested enough with Suntour crits, club champ races plus some little jaunt round the bay just to name a few massive cycling events, I have my fingers and other extremities crossed for a good turn out at Lang Lang. I have only raced the circuit once and from memory it's beautiful, green, hilly and all round conducive to some hard racing.

I would love to relax now with an arvo nap but I am still fueled from a mega session at Padre so will have to procrastinate the day away. This should help

Ciao folks. Have a good weekend of riding.

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