Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just a Quickie

Spring has maybe, finally, properly sprung. (touchwood!)

You know what is hard? That first ride in some semblance of summery weather. Pete B and I went out to the nongs on Tuesday in the 'heat' of the mid twenties, boy oh boy I was buckled by the time I got home!

Been riding and gyming and doing the true Uni thing and leaving my assignments up to the very last minute to get started. But I work well under pressure, I think.

I'm also very excited to be getting back on the TT bike tomorrow. 3 months or so till nationals means it's time to start getting comfy in what is really an uncomfy kinda position. Thanks to the constructive advice from someone who will remain nameless (OK it was Sherwin!)I am more motivated than ever to have a good TT and RR at nationals.

Good luck to all the nutters racing the Warnie on Saturday. So much prestige but oh so much pain. Hope everyone is nice and tired the next day for the shipwreck coast classic!!

My birthday tomorrow, get excited people.


PS-Proper punctuation is over-rated and proof reading is for those who have no faith in getting things right the first time round. IE I'm tired, lazy and pressed for time ;-)

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