Saturday, October 31, 2009

Windy Warnambool

Well I had a good race.

I didn't even finish with the front group, but it was good, no, great! Why so good? Because I had fun, lot's of it. Wind, gutter, attacks, basically things that make racing hard and things that make racing great. At the risk of sounding like a cheesy sentimentalist, it's all about having fun isn't it? (Stop rolling your eyes dammit!). Everyone has gotta ask, if you're not doing it for the joy, then why are you doing it? (No seriously stop it!)

The last couple of months have not been the most enjoyable I've experienced on the bike, so to just cut loose and race hard was fantastic. Before everyone gets all excited, no, I am not talking about the Warny! Just the Shipwreck Coast Classic that was on the Sunday following the Warny.

This week has been a busy one, organising cycling next year, organising uni next year, just getting stuff sorted. Riding, gyming, stretching and swimming and all the fun in between, and on this Saturday in particular, enjoying some HEAT!

Had some more fun on my TT bike this morning ripping up and down beach road just loving the sun, the other cyclists and of course the coffee.

On an unfortunate note, David Rafferton had a bad stack at the first Hawthorn Crit on Wednesday evening. At current it sounds like no broken bones but some possible nerve damage plus bruising and a whole lot of discomfort.

For those of you who don't know David (aka Vidman), he first started cycling at around a weight of 150KG. Over the last 2 or so years his weight has plunged to the low 90s and his fitness has sky-rocketed. So much has he impressed me what with his penchant for pain and his obvious lust for a challenge that a few months ago I said two little words to him; "Baw Baw". But not just climb Baw Baw, complete the whole 100k Baw Baw Classic Road Race.Straight away the fire in his not so large belly stoked up. I was starting to get pretty concerned, because he promised me, if he made it to the top, he was going to punch me in the arm, hard. Now I am still concerned, because for all I know, he'll recover from his stack and smash Baw Baw anyway. BUT, I hereby grant a 12 month extension on the Baw Baw Challenge Vidman ;-) You'll be back, plenty of time! Best wishes for the recovery.

Lunch Time!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Jono. Im up and about now but still sore as all hell and lacking in full use of my left hand still. But that's ok... I punch with my right! ;)

    Good luck in China.