Friday, March 26, 2010

Missing But No Lack of Action

Well I have been busier than ever getting training and uni into order over the past month. Life has been hectic but great nonetheless. I have had a couple of races out at the northern combine saturday crits at Cambelfield which might I add are fantastic. And tonight I am off to Thailand for a fortnight of training and racing.

I won't lie, I am very, very excited! New bike, kit, everything you could ever need is all waiting for me at the end of some Air Asia budget airline mayhem. Can anyone say 01:25 AM departure?

The race this year is predominantly flat and should provide a decent race to find my feet and get used to the rhythm of  tour racing again. You can spy all the details here I certainly don't expect to repeat my podium position from last year, but hey, I'm due for some luck!

Sorry I don't have many exciting or hilarious stories of late, the best I can think of was couple of weeks ago...

I was suffering some severe jealousy looking at all of Wade's awesome photos of Vietnam. Particularly his shots of the food. Bottom line: I needed some Pho. Stat. So never to be outdone, I had to end a nice 4.5 hour ride in the Dandenongs with a detour via Box Hill for some noodles. Picture a 35 degree day and this stinky arse, sweaty, all round filthy creature of a cyclist comes into your restaurant demanding some of your finest cuisine. Well lucky me, I picked the right restaurant, the maitre de was very accommodating! I may look into continuiing the tradition, perhaps when the cooler months are upon us. Who needs protein shakes? I got enough beef cartilage and tripe to rebuild my muscles three times over. Not to mention enough sodium and liquid to keep me adequately hydrated. Then the noodles give you the carbs! As a matter of fact, I may have stumbled upon the best recovery food going round.

All for now! Hopefully I get some good net connections in Thailand and can keep updating with the good stories that are sure to follow.