Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bit of a Bingle

On saturday I got back from my training ride to get a call from Huon-Genesys team boss ACJ asking if I wanted to race the Battle on the Border the following week. Pat Shaw was sick and he figured I would be better for the hit out with Tour of Japan coming up. So yes, I said. Yes. Yes. Yes!

Let's race baby!

Then the next morning I trundled out to the 1/20 to do some hard 30 sec efforts whilst cruising away up the 1/20. So yeah, um, anyway, my gears slipped, I managed to kind of 'high side' it, and slap my right hand side onto the road. Hard.

There's lots to write about, and there's lots to say. But I'll keep it simple.

I broke my collarbone and I broke my neck of femur, both on the right hand side. Thankfully surgery was not necessary on the wing, and the leg has gone from screwed, to 'screwed' with 3 Ti additions such that a full recovery looks very probable.

CollarBump Right Hand Side

Either way, I am lucky because it could have been much worse. And I am forever grateful for the friendly passers by who helped me out. The lovely couple who took my bike and even hugged and kissed me whilst I sat in shock! The Ambos were brilliant, as always. My surgeon was great, the nurses were great. My parents are legends, my mates who've supported me are priceless and everyone involved with the Huon-Genesys are incredible.

ACJ running the team is full of nothing but support as are my team mates. I am just a LITTLE bit cut that I can't race with them at the moment... but shit happens.

Snapped like a chicken wing

Now onto the next chapter,

Well I'll keep you updated on my progress but its all hazy at this stage. It just depends how the bones heal. So I could be back training hard in 3 months. Or 6 months. No point getting caught up on arbitrary dates.

Neck of Femur, fractued, but well placed. At least.

Finally, and to be frank, I've kind of lost my blogging 'mojo' per se, in that, I think everyone gets to a point were they feel sick of telling everyone how great they are. I'll be here to fill you in if I have some hilarious stories and still the odd random update (basically what I've been doing for the last year), but for now I am going to focus my journalistic energy on some more formal pieces and just let my legs do the talking once they are back in the swing!

Best Wishes all,

See you on the road. Soon.