Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Scope of the Matter

Sitting back watching the tour. Watching some fantastic racing and all I want to do is go and race my bike. But I can't! For at least (quite possibly more) 6-8 weeks I won't be allowed to ride my bike outside. Surgeons orders.

Wait, what?!?

Yep, that's right, in the last few months of laying low I have been chipping my way through some exams and once they were over it was straight down to the Avenue hospital for a quick left hip arthriscope and an excision of a lesion.  Nothing like the fresh grafting of bone to brighten up your uni holidays.

Nevertheless, I made sure to utilise the precision that I apply to my training schedule in structuring my surgery;

-Operation: 1st of July
-Tour de France: 2nd of July
-Add in TV downloads from the Coach (thanks coach) and Movies from the raging TT Lama and my couch time has been maximised.

But seriously, where did this come from??!?!

Well, it's been on the cards for a while. Having a few knocks to the ol hips and some naturally shit shaped hips to start with has meant that this was something that was likely to happen one day. Now its done I can get back to riding my bike

So what the hell does it mean?!?

Arthriscope: Key hole surgery, bone grafting/grinding/scraping and cartlidge repair within the hip joint.

Excision of lesions: quick open up at the front of the hip, move some muscle around, a quick chop here, a quick chop there and hey presto, new hip for jono.

So what now?!?!

The progression of recovery is roughly as follows;

- 0-2 weeks: feet up watching the tour
- 2-4 weeks: easy work on the wind trainer, some light rehab exercises, feet generally remain up
- 4-8 weeks: bit harder on the trainer, harder rehab, possibly some light gym
- 8-12 weeks: more gym, more rehab more riding
- 12 weeks+: Possibly cry at the chance of riding outside again

So I am absolutely chomping at the bit do some racing, or even some bunch riding. It's driving me nuts. But for the time being, patience is the key.



PS: A big, enormous, massive thanks to those (like my sensationally awesome team: Genesys ) who have been patient and allowed me to get myself sorted in a timely manner. And an even bigger thanks to my parents, who continue to wait on me during trying times. If I was a horse, they may have sent me to the glue factory by now. But hey, if bike riding was easy, it wouldn't be worth doing (may have stolen that quote from Davo)