Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Howdy folks. Been a while.

What can I say? I've been busy don't you worry about that! I've been writing my fingers to death, just not here. So this is brief, and to the point, without the linguistic break dancing that I usually like to dot around the place like a stoned poet with a thesaurus (wait, I just did it again didn't I?)


The Lovelock househould now has an even greater array of carbon, steel and alloy triangles with wheels and all the trimmings. Thank you Avanti, the Corsa is going down a treat.

Our team had an official launch yesterday. It was a nice fun affair. We got to stand around feeling a bit akward in lycra whilst busy people in the AMP building shuffled past and looked on with curiousity.

Then we at salmon. Oh, so much salmon. I've seen enough anoying adds for fish and krill oil in my short life time. Let's just say, you can take your tablets and stick em'. I've got a new approach

And of course some more stuff that is new, shiney and great

I know it's a bit tiring at this time of year when new teams and new riders are bomboarding your social media accounts with a blitzkrieg of pictures and cheesy sponsor plugs. But here's the deal;

We LOVE what we do. We are so, so, so lucky to get the chance to live out our dreams and put off 'real' life for a while. So we are generally thankful and show our appreciation. So don't worry, it'll tone down. But we just want to support those who support us, and we sure as hell hope you want to support them too!

Back on the article front, I've jumped on board at The Roar sports website and have started posting regular articles here. So far there is

What does a cyclists Mad Monday look like?

The National Championships: it's all in the timing

New calendar postion heralds a new beginning for Suntour

I am also going to be doing some semi-regular articles for Wade at Cyclingtips. Here is round one;

Who's found a home, Who's left Hanging?

So it's nationals coming up, and the battle to regrow skin after a recent touchdown at the Williamstown support bay crits

Yet another brilliant pic from Fyxo, you'll have to click through to see the full size pic and remaining blood and gore

 And as the brilliant Paul Ambry (who does the sensational cartoon backrgounds for my blog) noted, I even got a chainring behind the ear. How does that happen?

 See you all at nationals!

Over, and out.