Saturday, June 30, 2012

Studiously avoiding Winter

Can only last for so long.

It seems a bit of Borneo there, a touch of Japan here, all mixed up with some sprinklings of Queensland over the past 8 or so weeks have kept me hoping that I could just bypass winter.

But no, not to be!

Riding down Punt Rd this morning at 6am it really hit me. This. Is. Winter. Pitch black, wet (although not raining, luckily) and lonely.

It really got all fun and wintery when I stopped for a leak to see that my 'mega' saddle bag had fallen off with my rear light attached. Dayam! How long had I been trundling along down Punt/Beach Rd without a freakin light, in the dark!! Sheeeeeet. Not a great feeling.

Also not great was the fact that I was now short of the three tubes, two levers, ten patches, two CO2 cannisters, insane multi-tool (including a chain breaker and quite possibly a kitchen sink) and spare $20 note that I had travelling along with me in my now gone saddle bag. Bugger. Thankfully Uncle T at Crino sorted me out again so I'm all good for tomorrows trundle

Then the real risk; to keep heading on down to Mt Eliza, on wet roads, without no recourse for a flat tyre? Heeeeelll no! Back home I went. Puncture fairies, Murphy's Law, Jesus, whoever it is up there, was just waiting to smite me should I try my luck.

To be honest with you, the time spent up in QLD & NSW was not really avoiding winter. It was a bit like being at the snow. At the start of the last day of the North Western Tour, I eyed the apparent temperature in Gunnedah to be a shivering -6 degrees. Meanwhile I finished the day sunburnt around my sunglasses such that I now possess an impressive goggle tan. I am still getting asked what the snow was like. Additionally, the resulting red nose and general aroma of  "post race haven't showered and have been crammed in the team van for 4 hours goddamit I am stiff and sore where is maccas?" had me hobbling around like a drunk frenchman

Results wise both races were good, but not great. We took Teams GC at the North West Tour but only finished second in Toowoomba. Our new recruit 'Jumpin' Jai Crawford was kicking arse up the pointy end on the hilly stages but was not quite on form to match Marko who is definitely the man to beat when the road points upward. On a personal level I snivelled a couple of top ten GC results so that'll do for now!

Off for some dinner now and of course following that it is time to watch the tour! Time to wear a groove in the couch.