Friday, May 27, 2011

Break in Transmission

Been a while! Sorry, but alas all my creative talents have been at their wits end trying to put some 'creativity' into essays on enthralling topics such as Industrial Relations in post unification Germany and post Mao China, and the roles of institutional investors in Corporate Governance. Just, so, exciting.

Anyway, what's been going on in super lazy dot points:

  • I raced Tour of Canberra. I went as expected (not great![at this point in time]). The team went as expected (Freakin awesome!) and thus the team jets off to the next round of the NRS in Toowoomba with Nathan Haas kicken arse and the rest of the guys also putting the boot to the proverbial behind
  • One thing we did do in Canberra, which was really good was a bit of a fun ride/general mess around and act like kids, with,  a bunch of kids.  Some of the local sponsors got word round so that when we rocked out to Stromlo Forrest Park the day before the tour started to cut some laps with a bunch of really enthusiastic kids. AJ even got the idea of setting up a tt course for the kids to race each other on, it got heated that's for sure!
  • Other memorable moments include Shawry having words with a grumpy baggage handler who was throwing bikes around, and getting through three days of racing without any rain. 
  • Coming up in the not too distant future for myself is a period of not too much whilst I navigate my way around some more thrilling exams. And not heaps more. I know, what the heck am I gonna talk about?? 
  • Well for starters I am looking at some options to finally (touch wood) nail a few of the issues I have been having with my left hip. The upside to this is, the greatest sports doctor ever to walk the earth (Andrew Garnham), has sorted me out with a more than interesting hip rehab/prehab/general stability regime. Let's just say; Ballet, Dancers. Wow, geez, talk about flexible. My previous round of pilates work had me working in an environment whereby the coefficient of ballet dancers to non ballet dancers was, oh, say, 1:10. But now it's a ratio of Ballet dancers to Jono that's about 100:1. Brilliant.

All for now, stay warm this winter and enjoy the finish to the Giro! (I'll be busy thinking I can Dance.)