Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gross Ghastly Gore, this will make your eyes sore.

Warning guys, you are about to see some pretty gross photos. They are a little juicy but hey, I love pictures that tell the true story so here it goes

Sitting in the ditch, no memory of this point in time. Check the gash on my left cheek! Geez, bit dirty!

Clean cut to my right shin, rock on.

Sweet memories of a fun trip with a rough finish. I learnt a lot in two weeks, most importantly to enjoy the good times while you can; who knows when you are going to career off a road into a rocky ditch at 70 Kph? Exactly, no one knows, it could happen to you!

But seriously, I got some time off now and some study to start, it never stops!

Have a good one.


  1. Very sorry to see these pictures mate.

    Dan @ VIS

  2. No worries Doc! Just may not need to have that meeting for a couple of months!

  3. I guess we won't be seeing you on the Bright camp then!

  4. Oh...Jono, sorry to hear about your crash...:-(
    But man AWESOME pics. Poor baby!!
    Heal well and hope ur back on the road soon.

    Shaz (BV forum)

  5. Holy F@#$@!!! I don't ever want to chance riding my bike again

  6. Thanks for posting. We hope for your speedy recovery (sorry for the pun). You have helped others to be aware of "the what could happen."

  7. You're fairly hard core Jono! Considering how nasty this crash was, you're in good pirits. Stuey O believes he comes back stronger from every crash he has, keep that approach pal and you'll be back out there carving it up! Even so I guess we cancel ergo testing at the VIS for awhile...
    Scott Mc

  8. ouch! Get well!
    I love your attitude though!
    Keep the spirits high! It won't be long before your'e at it again!
    Sam L