Sunday, July 13, 2014

Coming out: Hip Screws & Happiness

There are two things on my mind that are all the rage at the moment; hip operations and coming out of the closet. If anyone thought the sporting and cycling world was ripe with homophobia; I understand your concerns, but I think you’re wrong. 

A recent discovery for myself was that of my own sexuality, and I don’t want to natter on about this ad libitum because frankly, we’ve heard it all before, and Thorpie -the selfish bastard- has stolen my thunder. 

I'm a hospital VIP these days...

But we digress.

The point here is, I am gay. And if there are any other guys or gals out there in the cycling world who are not comfortable in their own skin, who have got that nagging little voice in the back of their head that convinces them the world is going to fall down if they discover who they truly are; well forget your worries. You will be surprised at the positivity of the response when you open up. It's 2014.

But is it all good?

Yes. The thing is, homophobic comments have become second nature; that’s gay, this is gay. And that shit is pretty f**ked to be honest. 

But it’s a product of society -I believe- and a product of people saying things to a group they feel is completely heterosexual. Now, I know I'm drastically over-simplifying a complex and intense topic, but this blog is about cycling. And I don't want to kill everyone getting too deep and meaningful.

Perhaps another day.

Thing is, the very people who drop these disparaging comments regularly, have been the first to apologise to me thinking they may have caused serious offence. But don’t sweat it. It’s a structural problem. And it’s moving forward, not backward [in my opinion].

If only I’d grown a pair and discovered it all years ago. But sometimes you’re just not ready. But now I’m ready.

I was also ready to have these bad boys taken out!

My approach?

I believe attack is the best form of the defence on and off the bike. I simply told my friends I’ve started seeing a guy. And he is amazing. And that’s it. Work out the rest.

And the response?

People are excited for me. They are happy. I am happy. The world is happy.

And that’s what matters. 

What else makes people happy?

Having three frigging big screws taken out of your neck of femur.

Gettings screws out and a free fake tan whilst you're at it. Bonus
I had that done yesterday up at Knox Private Hospital, where they were put in at the end of April last year, after I ate shit out training. If you ever need a hip surgeon, go see Francis Ma out that way. He will sort you.

And with them gone it feels so, so good. It’s just another step on my pathway of rehab, and I’ll be back CharterMasoning it up on Monday as the operation was only a day procedure. 

Give me some painkillers and some crutches and I’m back at it.

On the note of CharterMason, I’ve got to say, wow, what an amazing organisation. I have come into the company as one of the youngest people they have taken on, with the aim for myself -and CharterMason- to train me up to generally kick arse and take-over the world as soon as possible. 

Swapping lycra for suits. Feels weird. No one can see your sock height.

And the response?

Amazing. Very senior consultants, with lots to do and no time to do it, are taking large chunks out of their day to teach me the ropes. 

As within the CharterMason Giant team, the sense of team and camaraderie is second to none.  That makes me happy.

The Moral?

Be honest, be comfortable, be happy. And work hard.



  1. Nice one Jono. Congrats on all fronts.

  2. Nice work mate :)

  3. Super happy for you, mate. Hope the leg heals up quick.

  4. Good on you on the coming out and the coming out of the screws.
    Now you can enjoy being you!

  5. Nice one.
    Don't know you, but you seem like a good bloke and your words are traveling far.
    Congrats and best of luck.

  6. well good on you Jono, all the best with recovery

  7. What fills the space that is there when the screws comeout?

  8. nice one Jono, honesty will win in the end :-) and have a good rehad

  9. Good on ya Jono. We are stoked that you are so happy. Keep on being real.
    Love Chrissy and Becki

  10. Good on you Jono!! Great to hear that you're comfortable with yourself and on the mend! Respect

  11. As a cycling fan & gay man I say congratulations to you on being able to comfortably tell your loved ones & then the wider community your personal truth. It personally took me into my mid-twenties to find the mental space to tell my "truth" to those around me.
    I wish you all the best in your recovery & your career.