Monday, November 30, 2009

The Epilogue

Touch Down.

In Melbourne, hello shocked parents, hello coffee machine, hello internet.

Hello sanity, normality and recovery. But no time to rest now, half clean wounds, fresh fractures and a gooey gashed faced all lead my parents and I to say hello again to hospital.

Hello Epworth. Helloooooooo nurse! Did I mention the nurse was a chubby hairy ocker bloke named Bill? Well scoff all you want, but he knew how to sponge bath juuuuust right.

So another 3 days were taken from my busy schedule of do nothing so that I could now do nothing while getting loaded with vain stingingly vicious intra-venous antibiotics and have my armada of helpers ferry my coffees from Hudsons on the ground floor.

Life was good. Friends, family, internet fame and some wicked scars.

Stitches came out from the face (all 57 of them!?&$%%##$) and the leg, bruising came down and I even began to hobble around (on my left leg with the fractured pelvis!) with a walking frame.

Once I got home the ordeal was definitely over and it really was time to recover and start organising next year.

In a minor milestone I had my first shower in just under two weeks yesterday, it was unbelievable. I don't want to get too emotional and reflective but is good for life to bowl you a beam ball every now, just to help you appreciated all the things you took for granted.

So that's that, everything is healing nicely and for the first time since I went to France 4 years ago I've gone two whole weeks without riding a bike.

There is a wave of my 'crash photo porn' sweeping the web on all sorts of blogs and sites. So to Fyxo, TFM/Celtic, Goldie's Blog, various facebook and twitter accounts, various email groups and forums and anyone I've missed, thanks for having a read, my 15 minutes of fame has been fun fun fun, but now I really, really have to start studying for my exams! aaahhhhh dam.

Ciao, for now....


  1. I've been reading your blog-thingy for a while from up here in Brisbane, mainly because you are clearly a better cyclist than me and we are similar ages.

    Damn that is a crash and a half. You have definitely glossed over some of the lower points you experienced in the last couple of weeks. I hope everything heals without hiccup and your on the bike sooner rather than later. I guess next year can only be better for you on the bike luck-wise.

    Good luck mate.

  2. Mate, your a very lucky boy to actually get out of a chinese hospital with your leg still attached...that in itself deserves a Powerball ticket. Having worked through China for years, you need the best private medical insurance so if something happens your in and out within 48 hours and at the least in Singapore.
    Hope to see you out there soon....

  3. I know what you mean about the pleasure of having that first shower after being bed confinded for many days. I was only 7 days without a shower and it was pure bliss (well except the water hitting my shoulders was agoney and I had to be held so I didn't fall over... LOL).

    Heal up quick Jono. You gotta get to the top of Baw-Baw in April to act as my carrot. I'm seriously counting on you being there. ;)

  4. Hey, I got on to your blog after doing a "cyclist fractured pevlis" search on google. I'm from Brisbane and crashed a few weeks back and fractured the inferious and superious pubic rami (just as you did earlier this year). Nice to know you recovered from it well, means I should stop complaining!
    Thanks alot for your stories and photos, and good luck with your recovery from the mega crash in China. Reading your stories from your experiences certainly helped me get over my fustration from dealing with a injury.

    Good luck and hope the healing goes well

  5. 20 y.o Uni student .. you have a attitude & outlook well beyond your years. Heal quick & well

  6. Hey David M,
    Good luck with the Rami,
    For me it was never a really painful injury but in the end it did take a good 6-8 weeks before I felt really strong and proper on the bike again. Meanwhile I spent too much time early on trying to race and train before I knew the extent of the injury. given you are on top of it already I reckon you'll be A-ok. send me an email if you have any more Q's about the rami stuff


  7. Jono:

    Glad to see that you're making such a great recovery. Attitude is everything.


  8. Jono,
    Amazing and a breathe of fresh air with your postive outlook on everything. You are a true inspiration & champion.

    Here's to a speedy recovery and hope to see you out and about soon.